Is it a radical idea that we should put kids first?

I am running for the Utah State Board of Education. I believe that all actions taken or policies implemented by the Board should be built around the following principles:

  • Trust and collaboration between parents and educators are critical to the success of a child. Dialogue and discussion build trust - we need more of it, not less.
  • Parents are partners in the education of their children. Parental participation should be genuinely encouraged and promoted.
  • Educators must be supported by policies based on sound research and proven practices. "New" doesn't make it better and "old" doesn't mean it should be tossed out.
  • Budgets matter and the State School Board is accountable to taxpayers for every dollar spent.

I am asking for your vote to serve as the Utah State Board of Education member for District 2.


A bit about me ...

My passion for education came from two amazing women in my life. The first is my mother.  She was in the first grade when her family was forced to flee their home in North Korea. Even during the toughest of times on the Korean Peninsula, my mother's mom would tell her, "It's okay to skip a meal, but you cannot skip school." To my mom, education was not just about more opportunity; it was viewed as a doorway that would open to a lifetime of growth, personal responsibility, and learning. 

The second, was my third-grade teacher, Mrs. Thomas. Like other third-grade boys at that time, I was restless, inattentive, talkative, and on more than one occasion, sent home for being disruptive in class. Mrs. Thomas saw something in me and took the time to help me grow. Over the course of that school year, she inspired me to learn, read more, and sit still.  Many years later, as an adult, the password to some of my online accounts included her name.

Our classrooms today are filled with teachers like Mrs. Thomas. They care. They are dedicated. They are passionate. We need to do all we can to not only retain these teachers but to identify and bring more like them into our schools.

Our communities are filled with families who love their children and want the best for them. 

When we work together, with respect and understanding, we create an environment where students excel and are firmly placed on the pathway to a lifetime of growth, responsibility, and service.